Ted Hamer

Ted Hamer


The Idea Incubator Brain or “Thinkubator”

This piece by artist Ted Hamer explores the idea of a brain as an idea incubator. Often when coming up with an idea, Hamer will collect inspiration and let it incubate in his mind for a time.

The bird symbolizes the idea that has been developed through the process of incubation with the brain and nest working together to develop the “thinkubation.”

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About The Artist

Ted Hamer is a multidisciplinary artist and educator based in Toronto. He holds a degree from OCAD University and an advanced diploma in Animation-Digital Arts.

Hamer has been fortunate to work on sculptural and mural projects across Ontario in the public realm and has collaborated with non-profit organizations to explore public art in diverse communities.

His studio practice explores human/animal relationships through figure-based work in drawing, painting, mural making and sculpture. Hamer is interested in exploring the intersection of the natural and man-made environments and is fuelled by artistic collaboration in the community.