Greg Haberny

Greg Haberny



Greg Haberny’s artistic practice is generally quite personalized. He wanted to create a raw sculpture that more or less captures the nonlinear way his own mind works. All human beings have the same visual of what a brain looks like, but he wanted to go beyond that and metaphorically speaking show the energy and complexity of that magical light of inter-dimension consciousness that makes each of us an individual and highly unique.

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About The Artist

Greg Haberny’s work engages the intersection of personal and collective memory, weaving episodic narratives into methodical chaos.

Gritty, spontaneous, obsessive and free-floating, his pictures unapologetically reject common methods of artistry in favour of finger painting, melting, even tracking in footprints and incorporating objects strewn about the studio. He has recently taken to burning and liquefying his old works into a new form as he orchestrates both a physical and metaphorical reincarnation now central to his practice.

Clusters of symbols and crude figuration are rendered in flat, one-plane perspectives, simultaneously self-referential and universal. In an increasingly technological and mass-produced world, Haberny’s techniques preserve the physical art of process while calling to the CoBrA Movement’s spontaneity and the primitive figuration of the New York School.

Haberny has exhibited internationally throughout the United States, Europe and Japan, including solo institutional projects at Middlebury College Museum of Art; the McColl Center for Visual Art; the HVCCA Peekskill Project V; the Katonah Museum of Art Triennial, and the Bedford Historical Society.