Nurielle Stern

Nurielle Stern


The Pith and Nectar

Constructed from glazed ceramic and porcelain, The Pith and Nectar serves as a bittersweet meditation on the fleeting nature of time and memory. Like the human brain, clay is malleable with surprising plasticity. Soft, workable clay is capable of infinite amalgams and formations. After going through an alchemical transformation in the high temperatures of firing, ceramic remains fragile but endures —retaining every delicate impression.

Sponsored by:

  • Gianna Glassman, in loving memory of Dr. Max Glassman

About The Artist

Nurielle Stern is an emerging Toronto artist and a graduate of Alfred University’s prestigious MFA program in Ceramic Art.

In her artistic practice, Stern creates sculptural ceramic objects and immersive installations. Her installation Eyes of Metal and Agate was exhibited at the Gardiner Museum in 2013, and she has exhibited at Harbourfront Centre, the Canadian Sculpture Centre, and Craft Ontario among other venues.

Stern’s interactive installation, The Bone Runners, was presented by the Gardiner Museum as a Scotiabank Nuit Blanche Independent Project in 2015.

Instagram: @earthendreaming