Daniel St-Amant

Daniel St-Amant


Right and Left Hemisphere

Daniel St-Amant’s sculpture is a representation of the two sides of our brain. The right side is used for recognizing faces, visual imagery, colour and music. People sometimes call it the right hemisphere or The Creative Brain. St-Amant presents it as a lush meadow with trees and grass.

The left hemisphere is known as The Logical Brain. It is responsible for logic, numbers, words, lists and analysis, and represented by construction, civilization and development. St-Amant hopes to remind people that we must keep a healthy balance between the two in life and in spirit.

About The Artist

Daniel St-Amant’s paintings begin in the streets and not the studio.

To emphasize our global footprint and climate-affecting technologies, he places his prepared canvas on the road to capture the tire tracks of cars and trucks. Once in the studio he uses these distinct markings as a backdrop for paintings of animals.

This unique process challenges the viewer to reflect on how industrialism, urbanization and the over-use of resources are changing people, animals and habitats around the world.

The paintings often include found objects from nature such as twigs, leaves and moss that are mixed into the paint to create beautiful textures and a natural palette.

St-Amant received his DEC of Fine Arts and Design from Champlain College and completed a BFA program with a major in Fine Art at NSCAD. In 2009, he received a diploma from Seneca College at York University in Visual Effects for film and television.

His work is collected across Canada and internationally and has been featured in a variety of cultural art and news publications. St-Amant currently works as an artist and as a visual effects artist for one of the top feature film studios in Toronto.