Matt Pine

Matt Pine

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Brief Details of piece: This piece, like life itself, is all about balance. It depicts the balance between physical and mental health in our lives. As such, it was created using mixed media to go the extra mile in exemplifying a balance between mediums.

About The Artist

Matt is a multidisciplinary mixed-media and spray-paint artist born and raised in Toronto, ON. Through the use of photography, digital design, painting and other such mediums, Matt creates truly unique creations which provide a glimpse into the soul of each of his subjects, as well as his own. In his youth, Matt struggled with and overcame addiction and alcoholism, however he was left with a void that traditional forms of therapy could not fill. It was at this point that he stumbled upon the visual arts, initially in the form of graffiti, as a method by which to process his own trauma. Matt’s paintings depict the juxtaposition of beauty and resilience in the face of one’s personal struggles. Each of his subjects has faced some form of trauma or life difficulty and overcome it. It is a modern-day reminder to celebrate the beauty in the dark corners of life.