Chris Perez

Chris Perez

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Moving Languages

This piece is inspired by my native language and the calligraphy formed from a traditional Filipino style called "Baybayin" The use of colours and technique comes from a feeling of brightness and ethereal beauty. As a cyclist myself, bright coloured helmets are visible in day and night so they not only provide safety but also artistic engagement.

About The Artist

Chris Perez is a Canadian based Filipino artist practicing in abstract painting and mural art. Perez pushes moments of arbitrary movement to create an inner dialogue with material and environment, like that of an abstract dance with painting. His influences are derived from street art, graffiti, murals, abstract art, and expressionist painting. He explores ideas behind personal and cultural identity using abstraction that touches uses the aesthetics and shapes of florals. Perez primarily uses latex, acrylics, and spray paint as his main mediums. He is currently developing a series of artwork that revolves around public art, and accessibility.  Chris Perez (born 1990) studied at OCADU, received a BFA in Drawing and Painting (2012)