Pam Lostracco

Pam Lostracco

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Leaf Lines

The helmet’s form and the outdoor theme integrate together by transforming each physical shape into a painted leaf. Long veins run through the slender leaves like speed lines or active neurons. From front to back, a vibrant gradient of lush greens further enhances the illusion of movement. Shining golds and bright highlights reflect firing synapses in the brain. While riding your bike, this leafy canopy protects your brain while you make it healthier. Cycle on!

About The Artist

Pam Lostracco is a mural designer based in Toronto. Her style evolved through a harmonious synthesis of her graphic design roots and life-long passion for exploring nature. A focus on biophilic design integrates organic forms and refreshing colours to connect people to the restorative powers of nature. Through this work, Pam shares the sense of wellbeing and inspiration that nature has provided herself, while spreading awareness of local flora and fauna.