Keight MacLean

Keight MacLean

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Communication Breakdown

“Communication Breakdown” depicts a woman trying to speak but stopped by a slash of dripping white paint. The piece is inspired by the gradual and heart-wrenching process of losing a loved one to Alzheimer's disease, and the gradual breakdown of communication. At first it’s barely noticeable but the conversations get stranger and less coherent over time until communication fails. The piece tries to capture that moment when the verbal connection is gone but you can still see in their eyes the yearning to connect.

About The Artist

Keight MacLean is a Toronto-based painter, born and raised in Kingston, Ontario. Keight is an OCAD University graduate and alumna of the school’s revered Florence Program, in Florence, Italy. Inspired by her time studying the old masters first hand, Keight’s paintings combine the old with the new, reproducing historical portraits by hand before applying contemporary and experimental methods such as fluorescent spray paint, re-harvested artists’ mediums and destructive techniques.