Lex Talkington

Lex Talkington

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Pursuing The Elusive

The human brain is an ocean of mystery that holds the key to unlocking potential. Each revelation takes us closer to what we believe is a greater understanding. Perhaps the satisfaction in this discovery comes, in part, from knowing it has been there all along.

The keys to unlocking answers for brain health, medically or otherwise, are within humanity’s reach and have, in many cases, existed since humans emerged. Human persistence and ingenuity usually find those keys - no matter how deep one needs to go to find them, or what challenges must be conquered to retrieve them.

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About The Artist

Lex Talkington is a San Diego artist who explores the use of found objects along with modern technology, woodworking and metalworking to create static, kinetic, and interactive sculptures. Drawn to engineered, mechanical objects, his work blends the dichotomy of old and new into highly crafted, sometimes surreal, objects and creatures. He has a BFA in Graphic Design and years of software engineering experience, skills he uses to create experiential artwork.