Laura Bundesen

Laura Bundesen

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Not Forgotten

Through a collage of fabric, embellished with hand embroidery, lace and trim, neuro artist Laura Bundesen explores the brain’s functions through colour, form and texture, including two distinctly different hemispheres. This piece is in loving memory of her stepmother who suffered from dementia and didn’t recognize her the last time they met, but said “Laura… that’s one of my favourite names.” Somehow, somewhere inside, she had not forgotten.

About The Artist

Laura Bundesen has had a love affair of 30+ years with fabric, thread and colour. Using these elements, she creates richly textured mixed media pieces, with a current focus on Neuro Art.

Working with a functional map of the human brain as a reference, Bundesen recycles scraps of fabric into a collage and then embellishes it with hand embroidery, trim and beads, working directly on artist’s canvas. Improvising as the work progresses, she keeps the mystery of the brain’s inner workings in mind. Her contemporary 2-D Neuro Art pieces are then stretched and painted.

Bundesen’s work has been purchased by neurosurgeons, neurologists and neuroscientists, as well as survivors of traumatic brain injury and brain cancer.

Bundesen lives in Massachusetts and exhibits widely in the Northeastern United States.