Grace Eun Mi Lee

Grace Eun Mi Lee

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Beyond the Skull

A skull physically protects the brain. But there are many other factors that impact brain health such as eating right, exercise, managing stress, proper sleep and social interactions. These mini skulls that collectively create a single layer of protection symbolize all these other factors and serve as a reminder for the need to manage each of these factors to protect the brain beyond the skull.

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About The Artist

Grace Eun Mi Lee is a Korean born ceramic artist who’s known for her creative one-of-a-kind installations and functional pieces.

Inspirations behind her creatively whimsical designs are driven from her imagination of the details in our daily lives that don’t receive proper attention. The personalities visible in her pieces are a representation of the missed details.

She applies her classical training in ceramics in a very contemporary form that generates curiosity from the audience.

Lee received her BFA in Craft Design from Suwon University in 2005 and her MFA in Ceramics at Hongik University in 2009. She was an Artist-in- Residence at the Harbourfront Centre in Toronto from 2011 to 2014.

She is a recipient of numerous grants and awards from the Ontario Arts Council, Ontario Craft Council, Toronto Outdoor Arts Exhibition and the Cheongju International Craft Competition.

Her work has been featured in various forms of public media including television, magazines and numerous online articles. Lee’s pieces can be seen around the world in Seoul, London, Paris, Bejing and Toronto.