Flavia Chan

Flavia Chan

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Dark Days

Chan wanted to depict a creature inside the brain that portrayed grief and sadness as part of the journey, not the final destination, as it can sometimes feel. Next to the image is a skull of her past self, signifying growth. In the frontal lobe, a moon illuminates the dark "sky" in one’s mind. Constellations above foretell a favorable future for the little creature. Everyone goes through dark days and although those times seem long and impossible, this process will bring a new day.

About The Artist

Ever since she could hold a pen, Flavia Chan has been drawing rainbows, hearts and cats with spikes. Her kindergarten teacher suggested she attend Emily Carr University of Art & Design for Fine Arts. Her childhood included a large amount of time vegetating with many picture books (which her mom stored in a fridge) and her beloved television set. The TV and pictures from the pages of children’s books fueled her imagination and continue to inspire her today. Flavia’s style can be described as “cute with a smidge of sadness.”