Cori Creed

Cori Creed

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Where We Reside

Grounded and in the sky. With winds and flowers tying it all together. Artist Cori Creed has lived most of her life in the right side of the brain. Reaching to the left to try to sink her fingers into the dirt and roots and find some grounding when it seems necessary. We take so much of these wonderful, complicated masses for granted...

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About The Artist

Cori Creed is a Canadian painter who has the ability to capture the west coast landscape with joy and vitality.

The wealth of textures and colours in our Canadian landscape provide Creed with the perfect reference for an exploration in process. The reflections of tangled branches observed while canoeing on a tranquil eastern lake; the graphic contrast found in a grove of birches; shadows cast over jumbles of rocks and driftwood on west coast beaches; and wading through fields of wild grasses and blooms all lend inspiration to Creed’s work. The artist’s strong connection to the natural world encourages her to draw from its revelations and recreate an impression of the land on canvas.

Cori Creed was born in Vancouver in 1973. She studied Fine Art at Simon Fraser University and Design at Capilano College.