Baycrest Residents

Baycrest Residents

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Let's Play Ball

This interpretation of the brain considers the sphere as a beautiful and evocative shape that plays a central role in sports and creative life. Baycrest residents and patients shaped these felted orbs all by hand. The piece is a living breathing organism, as the fibres of the wool breathe and move. The idea itself is very interesting as the brain is ever-changing and continually responds to internal and external stimuli. The piece was created at Baycrest in collaboration with patients and residents of the hospital and the Apotex Centre, Jewish Home for the Aged and facilitated by Baycrest staff within the Arts & Culture Department

About The Artist

The Donald and Elaine Rafelman Creative Arts Studio at Baycrest is a bright and cheerful space dedicated to the creation of art. The atmosphere within the Studio is warm and welcoming. Music fills the space, along with the sounds of merriment and content.

The art programs at Baycrest challenge the clients both physically and mentally. Any project can be accommodated to fit the individual clients’ needs and level of ability. Through years of experience, the Creative Arts team has skillfully adapted techniques to suit the population at hand – countering feelings of frustration with feelings of satisfaction and achievement.

The therapeutic value of arts programming is attributed to the holistic and healing power of art. The Creative Arts team works hard to accomplish specific goals including gentle physical therapy, as well as social, creative and mental stimulation. Arts programs foster a sense of purpose and meaning, enabling participants to draw on their creativity and bolster self-esteem. When participants are so engrossed in their work, they often forget their pains and troubles and focus on what they can do. The finished masterpieces look professional and the residents leave feeling proud of their accomplishments.