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Marc Cooper

Marc Cooper


Brain Code

This is Brain Code.

About The Artist

Marc Cooper’s Barcode series has been creating a buzz on the Toronto and international art scene.

He launched the series after realizing that almost everything we purchase is identified with a black and white barcode.

Each painting is created over a series of days, weeks and in some cases, months. The process is very long as each bar is poured on and left to settle before the next can be added. A mix of acrylic paint and resin is used to create the glasslike texture, and gravity holds the drips in place. Cooper’s Barcodes always have these signature black stripes which create a dramatic pause in the painting. No two Bar Codes are ever alike.

Cooper received a bachelor’s degree from York University where he studied psychology, art and acting. His work has won several international awards and is in private collections throughout North America.