Julia Campisi

Julia Campisi



This sculpture explores photographic memory by creating an arrangement of ideas from the past that come together in the form of daffodil flowers – reflecting the uncertainty of the future, the return to affection and the desire for a new beginning.

About The Artist

Julia Campisi is a collage artist who lives in Toronto.

Her handmade collages are derivative in nature and question the visual culture of the past. The way a single image can migrate into different cultural contexts has led her to re-purpose photographs in order to destabilize issues associated with the construction of identity and the commodification of beauty in a patriarchal landscape.

Campisi’s work has become a fragmented inventory of images that explores the representation of “female” through collage, sculpture and material.

Campisi graduated from McMaster University with Honours in Political Science and recently graduated with a B.F.A. from Ryerson University.

Her photographs and collages have been exhibited, commissioned and purchased both publicly and privately.