Yaron Bob

Yaron Bob

The Prosper

Artist Yaron Bob’s sculpture is made from chains and a rocket base. It is a tribute to the place he lives in southern Israel, where these rockets fell. It is named after a dear friend who is going through a rough patch in life. His name is Prosper.

The name seems fitting since it has a double meaning. The artist wishes his friend and everyone in need to "live long and prosper."

Sponsored by:

  • The Joseph Frieberg Family Foundation

About The Artist

Yaron Bob is an art teacher and blacksmith who lives in Yated, a small Israeli community near the border with the Gaza strip.

A part-time metal sculptor, he makes roses out of Kassam rockets fired out of Gaza. He had two close calls with rockets and knew he needed to react to the terror that he and his community were facing.

Bob wanted to create something that speaks of growth and prosperity and to make something out of the destruction and ruin of the Kassam.