Yana Zorina

Yana Zorina


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The human brain consists of about 86 billion neurons connected in a sophisticated and intricate manner, allowing us to perform a multitude of physical and intellectual tasks that range from breathing to writing novels. This elaborate network is called the connectome and has been the subject of numerous imaging studies in both rodents and humans. Using strands of beads, the sculpture shows the beautiful interconnectedness of the human brain and how important it is for all systems to work in unison.

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About The Artist

Yana Zorina, PhD. is a neuroscientist with a lifelong passion for the arts. In her scientific career, Yana has always been attracted to microscopy and the beautiful structures that compose the mammalian brain. In her neuroscience-inspired artwork, she uses her scientific knowledge to accurately recreate microscopy images into 3D-beaded renderings of cellular structures that bring the beauty of scientific research to a wider audience and initiate conversations on neurological disorders.