Steven Nederveen

Steven Nederveen

“The ecosystem of the mind”

Steven Nederveen

Brain #: 406

Steven Nederveen is a well-known Canadian artist whose work is featured internationally in galleries, art fairs, magazines and many private collections.

He deals with the passage of time, a theme stemming from his own practice of meditation. These moments of peaceful clarity lead the artist to draw connections between our natural environment and aspects of spirituality through an artistic process that combines painting and photography.

By blurring the lines between photograph and painting, Nederveen develops a magical realism that inspires us to see the world with new eyes. By distressing and aging the work, he creates the sense of past and present; of struggle and transformation.

A glass-like layer of resin coats each piece, enhancing the clarity of the image and reflecting the viewer into the work.

Nederveen studied fine art at Medicine Hat College and went on to receive a Bachelor of Design from the University of Alberta in 1995.

His studio is based in Toronto, but his work is carried in Seattle, Vancouver, Banff, Montreal and beyond.