Samantha Sandbrook

Samantha Sandbrook


Renaissance Brain

Among the most important periods of innovation and discovery in the history of humanity, the Renaissance was a return to classical ideals and also the formation of new ones. Science, astrology, geography, architecture, art, math, religion and our sense of the role of humans in the universe were irreversibly changed.

It was truly a groundbreaking time suggesting the remarkable capabilities and the potential of the human brain.

About The Artist

A member of the Toronto art community since 1997, Samantha Sandbrook holds a Bachelor of Fine Art degree from Queen’s University and advanced standing from the Ontario College of Art and Design (now OCAD University).

Painting was her first love before she branched out into sculpture and furniture design, experiencing a cross-pollination of ideas as she went from one discipline to another. She is now crossing boundaries by diversifying her artistic output and adding venues in the United States to her established Canadian outlets.

Sandbrook’s style marries playful yet luxurious design with an impeccable attention to detail and craftsmanship. Her distinctive style juxtaposes refinement (swishing haute couture dresses, the luxe use of brass) with rawness (graffiti, industrial parts) and leaves fairy dust floating in the air.

She uses vibrant colour to highlight sophistication and glamour, often employing candy-like colours and contrasting textures to enhance the visual effect. Every piece has a brilliant metallic moment. Her work dances with playfulness, blending glamour and beauty with levity and whimsy. Her sculptural pieces, wall installations and paintings are glistening jewels and the focal point of a home.

Sandbrook’s work may be viewed online, at her showroom by appointment or at select gallery and design trade shows across North America.