Sam Mogelonsky

Sam Mogelonsky

Sam Mogelonsky


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For this project, the artist began by looking at brain PET scans. She was mesmerized by the colours and patterns created, and how these interactions could be used for diagnosis. Sam used these images to create a pattern to cover the brain surface in sequins, and treated the sequins like pixels to try and recreate a sense of the image. There is a contrast between the shine and seduction of the sequins and the reality of the image you are presented with, thereby expanding on the dynamic between beauty and danger.

About The Artist

Sam Mogelonsky is a Toronto-based artist and curator. She holds a BFAH from Queen’s University, (Kingston, Ontario) and an MFA from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art (London, UK) and has exhibited in Canada, the UK, France, Ireland and Portugal. She has participated in residencies in: London, UK; Mandelieu de la Napuole, France; Llorenc de Penedes, Spain; and the Toronto Islands, and she is the recipient of Emerging Artist Grants from the Toronto Arts Council and the Ontario Arts Council. Her work is held in Canadian and international collections.