Ron Eady

Ron Eady

Short Circuit

Artist Ron Eady had a good concept for the Brain Project but before he could write it down he forgot what it was. Then he realized that was it!

It seems as he gets older, he will occasionally experience these short circuits. He’ll go to do something, then the thought will evaporate or he will temporarily forget something that he would normally know. Everyone experiences these faulty electrical impulses to some extent. To a greater extent, mental illness could be considered short circuiting, a malfunction of the neurons and chemical impulses in the brain.

About The Artist

Hamilton-based artist Ron Eady was born in 1957 in Toronto into a long line of craftsmen. His father was a piano cabinet maker, and his grandfather designed stained glass windows for churches.

Eady spent his formative years focused on drawing. He attended a secondary school program for the visual arts then went on to study at Sheridan College in Oakville and the Ontario College of Art. He currently works in the encaustic medium, acrylics, oils and sculpture with wood.

Numerous articles have featured and reviewed Eady’s paintings. His work has been exhibited internationally and his paintings are held in collections in the United States, Canada, Japan and China.

Eady maintains studios in Hamilton and in the village of Rosseau, Muskoka.