Rick Hansen

Rick Hansen

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Mind in Motion

A healthy and inclusive mind expands, creating a world that supports growth, is tied to nature and intertwined with all living creatures. Symbolizing the globe that Rick Hansen travelled around on his Man In Motion World Tour, it is sustained through a spine and cradled by an arbutus tree. Bright, saturated colours give way to darkness, but a spark of light emerges, like a wheel, giving hope and inspiration.

About The Artist

Iconic Canadian Rick Hansen established the Rick Hansen Foundation in 1988 following his Man in Motion tour to raise awareness about the potential of, and barriers facing, people with disabilities. Artist Shary Bartlett proudly followed his athletic Paralympic victories and world tour, and was honoured to interpret Hansen’s vision in this brain sculpture. As the daughter-in-law of someone who has Alzheimer’s disease, she marvels at how this complex organ harbours such intelligence, abilities and memories, and its profound impact on love and human experience.