Philippe Pallafray

Philippe Pallafray


At dawn, the evolution of the world appeared to me

Biomaterials in dialogue with our cells, intra-ocular implants, stem-cell tissue re-creation, organ substitution with the use of technology like 3D printers, neuro-prothesis, a brain-computer interface implanted in the human body.

If our brain becomes a machine, what will happen with our emotions? What do we lose by enhancing the human? How will we preserve a definition of who we are? What would become of individual and collective thought, of beauty, of creativity?

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About The Artist

Philippe Pallafray uses elements from the electronics industry that he implants in his metal sculptures.

He questions himself on human nature and his future in view of new technologies used within the human body. What will our relation to the world be in a lofty universe where cerebral implants and integral thought would be generalized?

Pallafray is a member of the Sculptors Society of Canada. His art is part of public and private collections in Canada, the United States and France.