Nick Sweetman

Nick Sweetman


Some Roads We Pave May Crack…

Our brains immediately begin constructing a map of reality that defines our thinking, with each new experience layered on top of our growing mass of memories. Our understanding grows like a city, spreading outward, becoming more dense and complex. Buildings may be updated or replaced, but once the roads are laid, altering the map in a major way gets increasingly difficult.

Though some roads may crack, new things can always grow on top of them.

About The Artist

Nick Sweetman is an independent, multidisciplinary artist from Toronto. His practice, based in painting, has explored photography, video, installation and mixed media.

Sweetman completed his MFA at OCAD University in the Interdisciplinary Art, Media & Design program. He has exhibited his work throughout Toronto since 2011.

He holds a certificate from the Mural Routes Leadership Training in Mural-Making program and has collaborated extensively with other artists, non-profits, youth groups and the City of Toronto.