Morgan Sheardown

Morgan Sheardown

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Raining Cows, “BLUE SUN”

The artist’s life came to a screeching halt after the tragic and violent death of his brother and best friend. Everything positive and creative was replaced by darkness. His world was upside down. He was extremely depressed. He thought there was no hope. One day he took an old canvas from his closet and started painting these "Raining Cows." After he started, he could not stop. He created this imaginary world to cope with reality. He painted these floating creatures to help him with the traumatic experiences he has had. It is therapy for him. It is his outlet. The "Raining Cows" encourage and motivate him to keep going regardless of what happened in his past. The Sun is still Blue but soon it will rise and the fire in him will blaze red once again.

About The Artist

Toronto artist Morgan Sheardown graduated from OCAD University with a degree in graphic design and worked for a well-known studio before launching Sheardown Design in 2006.

He has an extensive background in illustration and painting, which is incorporated into his work. He enjoys being creative in a variety of mediums, and recently completed a feature length screenplay which will be made into a film.

Sheardown’s body of work entitled “Raining Cows” expresses the inspiration he gets from rain, colour and his appreciation for cows. It depicts a world that Sheardown created to cope with reality.

Rain is used as a filter to distort and create different levels of abstraction. The cows, colours, clouds, rain and the graphic application all come together to create a happy and calming effect. This is the same feeling that music gives to so many people, only “Raining Cows” does it visually.

In these stressful and turbulent times, Sheardown wants “Raining Cows” to make people happy and make them smile.