Michelle Vella

Michelle Vella

Michelle Vella


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Moxie Wide Big Eyes

The definition of moxie is “force of character and determination”, and at 97 years young, Iris Apfel, portrayed in this sculpture, has plenty of moxie. “When you’ve got moxie, you need the clothes to match.”* She is an inspiration to all and sets an entire new bar of what our 90s can look like. Many of us won’t see our 90s and many won’t have the brain health to remember. This brain is intended to inspire everyone that brain health is so important: we must get involved and help find a cure.
*Google dictionary

About The Artist

Michelle Vella is a contemporary pop artist known for her unique WIDE BIG EYES signature style. The New York fashion scene quickly embraced Michelle’s style from the start. In 2015, just months into her new career as an artist, fashion designer and icon Diane von Furstenberg discovered Michelle on Instagram, and asked to purchase the BIG EYE portrait she had done of the designer, which is now part of Diane’s art collection at the DVF Fashion House in New York. Michelle has been featured on CNN Style, The MARILYN DENIS Show, ELLE CANADA, and W magazine.