Michelle Vella

Michelle Vella

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Hockey Genius

Hockey player Albert Einstein is a reminder that all senior adults were young once. They have vibrant and interesting lives. The next time you meet a senior adult, ask them about their life story and see them for more than what they appear. We too will be there one day. Michelle Vella's distinctive “big eyes” are so unique, fun and whimsical, you can’t help but smile.

About The Artist

Michelle Vella is a contemporary pop artist known for her unique WIDE BIG EYES signature style. The New York fashion scene quickly embraced Michelle’s style from the start. In 2015, just months into her new career as an artist, fashion designer and icon Diane von Furstenberg discovered Michelle on Instagram, and asked to purchase the BIG EYE portrait she had done of the designer, which is now part of Diane’s art collection at the DVF Fashion House in New York. Michelle has been featured on CNN Style, The MARILYN DENIS Show, ELLE CANADA, and W magazine.