Lipstick Lex

Lipstick Lex



Organized Chaos

The kiss print can symbolize so much: love, self-love, respect, adoration, nurture, beauty, lust, sex, glamour, nostalgia, warmth, merriment and so much more – all of which strike a positive emotion.
While our minds are an endless cycle of information and emotions, it's best to place an emphasis on those which allow you to feel good and let the white noise drown the negative.

Spread more love, focus on the positive and allow your true colours to radiate. We are blessed with one precious life. Give it permission to smile more often!

About The Artist

Alexis Fraser, known as Lipstick Lex, makes all of  her art with love- literally! Her kiss print is her signature and it’s found on every piece she creates. Fraser believes love, beauty and feelings of merriment are all infectious, and is it along through her work.

She’s often asked how she came to think of using lipstick and kiss prints. Fraser began her art career in her early twenties as a traditional oil painter, specializing in portraiture realism. That all changed in 2012 when she was challenged to create a larger than life portrait of Marilyn Monroe utilizing a non-traditional approach, which also needed to correlate with the bombshell and sex symbol of the classic Hollywood period. After loads of brainstorming, the idea of creating with lipstick and kiss prints was unleashed!

Since then, Fraser has painted a wide spectrum of portraits utilizing only lipstick and her kiss prints to create famous icons which people love and adore.