Gina Godfrey

Gina Godfrey


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Deep Thoughts

This is how the artist sees her “Deep Thoughts” travel through her brain very colourfully from the little brilliantly jewelled person in the stem…. Reaching out, moving with a flow of ideas, every minute of every day changing in response to the thoughts that run vividly through her mind. She feels the pastel rainbow of colours have movement like a flashing sign. The embellished gold jewels in the stem also represent a person, who is vibrant and constantly thinking.

About The Artist

Gina Godfrey is a prolific abstract and portrait artist, a printmaker and curator, curating her many shows in Gina Godfrey Gallery on Bloor Street East. This is the fourth year she has been asked to participate in the Brain Project sculpture making.  For five years she produced artwork on military helmets for auction at True Patriot Love, a national charity that supports military families and contributes to the Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research.
Gina’s  productivity as an artist is only matched by her philanthropic endeavours. A large portion of the proceeds from her art benefits countless organizations including Baycrest Foundation. She also serves on boards of numerous prominent Toronto charities. With her husband, Paul, Executive Chairman of Postmedia, she co-founded the Herbie Fund at SickKids that raises money for children around the world unable to have surgery in their own countries because of lack of expertise and funding.

Shows in 2019 include a tour of art collections in the private residences of the Four Seasons in Toronto and can be found on her website: The Four Seasons show benefits the Culture and Arts Program at Baycrest and the Brain Project..