Gina Godfrey

Gina Godfrey

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Unsurprising to most, there is a lasting psychological impact of COVID-19 on mental health, Godfrey says. She experienced a bad case COVID-19 and soon after her recovery was engaged by Baycrest Foundation to produce her next brain sculpture. The lockdowns caused Godfrey intensified feelings of stress and anxiety, as it did for many people in Canada. Her 2021 brain sculpture is a representation of Godfrey’s “unravelled” brain during COVID, using a simple design to convey a powerful message.

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About The Artist

Gina Godfrey is a prolific abstract and portrait artist, a printmaker and curator, curating her many shows in Gina Godfrey Gallery on Bloor Street East. This is the 5th year she is participating in the Brain Project. For five years, Gina produced artwork on military helmets for auctions at True Patriot Love, a national charity that supports military families and contributes to the Canadian Institute of Military and Veteran Health Research. She has served on the Boards of the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Metro Toronto Zoo Society and The National Arts Centre in Ottawa and was a Citizenship Court Judge with the Government of Canada. For 37 years she chaired the Herbie Fund at SickKids. Gina’s productivity as an artist is matched by her philanthropic endeavours. A large portion of the proceeds of her art benefits countless organizations including the Baycrest Foundation and the Canadian Wildlife Federation.