Gina Godfrey

Gina Godfrey


Gina Godfrey’s work is often characterized by the eyes. In this case, she was thinking of something like the female in Avatar or Finding Dory, both iconic characters where the eyes are the focal point and have shades of blue and yellow. With that as her base, Godfrey used skill and imagination to create “Luminescent,” named for its glowing quality. The piece should be appreciated purely for its beauty and emotional power. It is a fictional treatment of the human brain meant purely for art’s sake.

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About The Artist

Gina Godfrey is a contemporary digital artist and print maker whose work is exemplified by her use of bursts of bright colour and sharp images.

Godfrey took the four year art course at Central Tech and later at OCAD University where she studied printmaking. Now her works are all over the world… Canada, Israel, China, North and South America and the Caribbean.

She often uses collage and seemingly random combinations of materials culled from print sources and scans them into a computer to create new works by digitally altering them; many are unrecognizable from their source.