Elizabeth Elliott (LIBS)

Elizabeth Elliott (LIBS)

Elizabeth Elliott (LIBS)


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Sparks is about the way we hold on to the pieces of our loved ones who suffer from dementia. As it strips away memory and voice, you watch the illness progress, and sometimes you wonder if the person you love is still there. And then… there’s a spark. A brief moment when their eyes light up, or they squeeze your hand back or maybe they even look right at you and say something like, “You are so funny.” Each time it happens, it’s like a glowing treasure. You collect those sparks and hold them close, keeping them at the ready when you need to find comfort.

About The Artist

Elizabeth (Libs) Elliott is a textile artist exploring the intersection of technology and traditional craft by using generative code to design and make handmade quilts. A deep appreciation for craftsmanship, design history and future-focused applications are all reflected in her work. She studied Material Art & Design at OCAD University and lives and works in Toronto. Her commissions include work for individuals and corporate clients such as Absolut Vodka. She has exhibited her work internationally and has been covered by the media in publications such as Gizmodo.com, Design Milk and Casa Vogue.