Deborah Jolly

Deborah Jolly



Meet MIMI…
She is a fascinating universe of uninterrupted connections; a hypnotic riot of truths, lies, memories and love, travelling amidst 86b neurons. She shelters all she deems important, and much she does not. She is complex, yet abstract. She is wildly intuitive. She is a consummate planner. She bows with empathy to all she meets. She loves. She struggles. She learns. She reflects. She expresses. Until she doesn’t. Meet Mimi. Mimi is YOU.

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About The Artist

Canadian artist Deborah Jolly uses alla-prima techniques, intense colour and existential philosophies to create high-energy abstract artworks in oil and acrylic.

Using fingers, palette knives and the occasional brush, Jolly denies structure and deliberation to expose texture and movement as her signature.

A relentless creator, Jolly embraces her instinctive, frenetic process, knowing that time is never truly on her side.