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Superhero in the Mirror

Superhero in the Mirror came from the artists’ fascination with, and admiration for, superhero movies. It is no coincidence that this group of artists – adults with developmental disabilities – chose to represent their vision using characters from alternate realities. Just like the superheroes, the artists’ paths in life are paved with attempts to show people around them glimpses of what they see in themselves – powerful personalities and many abilities, despite what might meet the eye. Their sculpture provides viewers with an opportunity to look into the mirror and see the beauty, strength and indispensability of every (super)human.

About The Artist

DANI Fine Lines artists are adults with a variety of developmental disabilities. The artists are fully involved in the creative process and take great pride in producing their own art pieces. They produce custom-made, unique, stunning art to sell to the community year-round, while providing a substantial vocational opportunity. The artists have created commissioned works for community members’ homes and businesses.
DANI Fine Lines, an inclusive and accessible art program, inspires the artists to reach beyond their perceived abilities and encourages the community to challenge their perceptions of what it means to be an artist. It enables the artists to share their passion for art and express themselves in new and meaningful ways.