Cairn Cunnane

Cairn Cunnane


This is a polished, shining armature-like form of round stainless tubing connecting randomly placed, coloured glass openings. Four quadrants divided by horizontal planes with connecting verticals create the spaces for the connections of these windows and doors. One can see the external form while simultaneously seeing what is internal. The brain is stunningly beautiful – a mystery of connections, and a connection to mysteries.

About The Artist

Mixing ancient blacksmith techniques with state of the art methods, Cairn Cunnane explores the depths and limits of mediums to express his explorations of life.

The Ottawa-based sculptor is currently exploring crossovers of figurative, architectural and plant forms and their connections with the sense of mystery we feel around us.

Most of his work is created for specific people, places or ideas, and ranges from hand held to large architectural installations.

His public commissions include “The Enchanted Garden” for a lobby in Ottawa, hanging bronze ornaments at the Governor General’s greenhouse, forged bronze Maple Leafs for the Canadian Embassy in Santo Domingo and the Chinatown Gateway 3D Mural in Ottawa.

Cunnane is the 2013 winner of the North America Copper Bronze in Architecture Awards.