Cailli & Sam Beckerman

Cailli & Sam Beckerman

Cailli & Sam Beckerman



Open 24 HRS

Open 24 hours originally came from the idea of a convenience store OPEN sign, and the notion that our brains are open 24 hours, 7 days a week, just like a 7-Eleven store.

It’s important for us to live life with openness and compassion, fearlessly and vivaciously. The concept is that our brain is always working non-stop and running 24/7. So we must take care of it, ourselves and each other and find a cure for Alzheimer’s.

The artists picked the colour pink for the OPEN neon sign because it represents love and all things sweet and happy like bubblegum. The “24hrs” colour blue represents an endless summer sky, the blue sea and makes them feel grounded. Their grandmother has Alzheimer’s and it is important for them to be part of this project to help raise awareness. Memories are an integral part of the soul and living life with an OPEN mind and spirit is crucial to cherishing those special moments 24/7.

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About The Artist

Sam and Cailli Beckerman are Toronto-based identical twins and Fashion Institute of Technology graduates who also starred in a fashion documentary with National Geographic. They are honoured to be nominated and recognized again as the Best Digital Influencers in Canada at the CAFA Awards. Dubbed “human glitter” by the New York Times, they are celebrated for their eccentric sense of style, bold beauty looks, aspirational travel + adventurous globe-trotting, infectious energy and genuine passion. They are inarguably iconic fixtures in street style with a rampant following that includes musicians like Rihanna, other celebrities and fashion’s elite. The Beckermans have collaborated with Chanel, Disney, Apple, H&M, Versace, Kenzo and more. They have also given back and lectured at their alma mater and worked with Breakfast of Champions for Sick Kids.