Bryan Belanger

Bryan Belanger



Artist Bryan Belanger pictures the brain as its own ecosystem, one that thrives when healthy and one that can be in danger if it is unattended or overworked. He imagines it to be covered in lush green grass, trees and rivers that flow, all funneling life from place to place. Like our own environment and the current state of our planet, there are places where there is no new growth, where the trees have been cut down and the land has eroded. Belanger has a similar picture in his mind of Alzheimer's and other diseases of the brain.

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About The Artist

Bryan Belanger is a multi-disciplinary artist who lives in Toronto. He was recently awarded a space as an “untapped artist” at The Artist Project and voted one of 10 artists to watch by the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art (LACDA).

Belanger is the Art Director for Pilot Pocket Book, a Canada Council and Ontario Arts Council-funded art and literary magazine, and assistant to renowned assemblage sculptor, Roger Wood of Klockwerks.

His work hangs in the boardroom of the McMichael Gallery and he has been in exhibitions curated by Michelle Jacques, former curator of the Art Gallery of Ontario, Moses Znaimer, and Empire Magazine.