Bradley Theodore

Bradley Theodore



Bradley Theodore brings a fresh perspective to the art world and considers art to be the "element that brings life, fashion and technology together."

He draws colour and inspiration from his upbringing in Turks & Caicos and Miami.

Theodore is based in New York City.

About The Artist

Art is the element that brings life, fashion and technology together. Since the early days of Bradley Theodore’s career, he has been inspired by what he sees around him and in particular the people who make up our media-driven world.

Born in Turks and Caicos, Theodore has a fresh perspective on art and what constitutes an expression of thought. Now living in New York City, he has become an integrated part of the art scene – creating his sometimes controversial, but always inspiring installations.

Theodore began by studying computer graphics at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Three years later he found himself in San Francisco working in digital media.

New York, however, soon became base for Theodore once more. He relocated for a position with a respected recording company and gained a platinum record for his work. His seven years as a Digital Creative Consultant allowed him to understand American sub-cultures and view life in an unstructured way.

Theodore believes that the audience of his art should be the reviewers of his art. He is dedicated in making his art available for all to see in the streets of international cities.

These days, the skeleton is a signature element of his work delving into the psyche and showing the inner life force of the subject. Theodore uses bright colours to express the beauty within. His subjects are all recognizable by their outer clothing, hair or posture. This technique strips away the outside allowing the viewer to focus on the feelings and the relationships within.