Bernice Lum

Bernice Lum


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Remember Me

This piece was inspired by a CBC interview with Jann Arden who spoke about her mother (before she passed away) who was suffering from Alzheimer’s. She asked her mother if she would forget her and her mother replied: “My mind might but my heart won’t.” From that interview, Bernice came up with the idea of creating “Remember Me” to resemble a “Love Heart” candy to evoke memories, nostalgia, familiarity, sentimentality, a little humour, some fun and most of all, lots of love.

About The Artist

Bernice Lum is a visual artist based, born and raised in Toronto, and represented by Galerie Youn in Montreal. Her latest body of work of vintage wooden bowling pins made into iconic characters deals with mass media, mass culture, celebrity, ice cream and everything sugar and nice. The iconic characters of her work are memorable moments in time that influenced and inspired her. Her pins appeared with Galerie Youn in a sold-out show at Pulse Contemporary Art Fair during Miami Art Basel Week (Dec. 2018).