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Andrea Bolley




Through what she calls “paper paintings,” artist Andrea Bolley uses paper not as traditional collage but as a drawing element. She subverts the formal, manufactured aspects of the original paper by painting over the existing stripes with rich black and white paint. Highlights of pigment create even more sense of depth and space, and completely alter the paper’s initial processed feel toward a more painterly one.

"The handmade over the man-made" is what is important in these works. Here, the artist uses wallpaper and wrapping paper of black and white stripes that morph into the names of female artists from past history.

Bolley explores the overlooked part of history, female artists, and their impact on her practice. This piece was created in collaboration with Repaint History, a female founded start-up focused on bringing recognition to forgotten female artists of the past, because selective history is so passé.

In Collaboration with: Repaint History Inc.

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About The Artist

Andrea Bolley’s paintings are abstract canvases which take their inspiration from Colour Field painters such as Helen Frankenthaler, Clyfford Still and Jules Olitski. Her work has been praised for the complex treatment of surface and depth. Bolley has made distinctive use of paper, both as a tool for the application of paint and in her “paper paintings”, which incorporate a paper collage element. Bolley participated in the Art Gallery of Ontario’s Artists with their Work program in the 1970s, for which she presented art workshops throughout the province of Ontario.