Adam Gagnon

Adam Gagnon

Hold That Thought

Inspired by life and memories this piece explores the notion of aging. We may not all be affected by disease or injury but we’re all victims of time.

As fragile as time may be, it devastates and as it passes our fate becomes exposed. If one’s life is composed of experiences and memories, what becomes of us as those decay? Ashes echo the vulnerable nature of memories, fragmented and faded, adding to the decay of the individual.

About The Artist

Adam Gagnon’s father introduced him to photography when he was a child. Ever since, he has pursued a greater understanding of art and expression while honing his craft across different media.

Gagnon’s formal education began with classical animation and figure drawing courses at Sheridan College, and continued with drawing and painting at the Ontario College of Art and Design (now OCAD University) and studies in visual effects and compositing.

His shift in focus to film and post-production led to the defining moment in his career as he helped found Redlab in 2007. What started as Canada’s first full-service digital laboratory evolved to become one of the leading post-production facilities in North America.

Gagnon has been privileged to work with acclaimed and innovative filmmakers, agencies and broadcasters, both in Canada and abroad.

He lives and works in Toronto.