Great Canadian Minds

Great Canadian Minds

A mini-exhibit in celebration of #Canada150

The TELUS Health Brain Project is proud to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary with an exhibit created by iconic Canadians and artists who have shaped Canada’s cultural landscape. See Canadian culture come to life through art and design while bringing attention to brain health and how important it is for every Canadian to keep their mind healthy.

John Mann

JUNO award winning songwriter, musician and front man for Spirit of the West

Artist Kevin Dubois created a brain sculpture entitled “Loss of Found” to represent his close friend, John Mann. For Dubois, covering the brain sculpture in marbles represents the “loss” we all are experiencing as Mann’s early-onset Alzheimer’s progresses.  Mann was diagnosed at 51 with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, a form of dementia that progresses quickly and affects 1 in every 1,000 people under the age of 65. While being representative of loss, the colours and movement in Dubois’ brain sculpture also illustrates Mann’s beauty, dignity and grace.

Mila Mulroney

Canadian representative, philanthropist and charitable advocate

As the wife of Canada’s 18th Prime Minister, Mila Mulroney has been a prominent champion of charitable causes for over three decades. The newest addition to her long list of charitable accolades is participating in this year’s Brain Project. Mila, who is also an artist, created her own brain sculpture as part of this year’s exhibit.

Peter Mansbridge

Chief Correspondent of CBC News and anchor of The National

Artist Lindsay Stephenson partnered with Mansbridge on an incredible brain sculpture that represents Canadiana at its finest. From a TV screen showing The National, to mountains, hockey, and east coast lobster, this special collaborative art piece represents everything that makes Canada great.

Kurt Browning

Four-time World Champion figure skater, choreographer and commentator

Not only has Kurt Browning represented Canada on the Olympic world stage but he has lent his artistic talents to The Brain Project this year. Creating his own sculpture entitled “Sarabellum,” Browning channeled his inner earthling to create something truly whimsical and representative of his life and achievements.

Wayne Gretzky

The Great One

Artist David Arrigo partnered with Gretzky to create a tribute to the sport that has shaped the conscious of a nation. It celebrates the memorable hockey moments experienced by Canada on the world stage.

Rick Hansen

The Man in Motion

Partnering with artist Shary Bartlett, Hansen’s vision for his brain sculpture centered on global health, inclusion, and interconnection. Images of wildlife and people bring his vision of vibrant wholeness and balance in motion to life.