Yuri & Katrin Shumakov

Yuri & Katrin Shumakov

Yuri & Katrin Shumakov


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Your Brain – Your World

This sculpture is an artistic reflection of a mental picture of peaceful harmonious life created with origami art. With vivid colors, a 3D rendition and serene atmosphere, this piece intends to show the desire for harmony, creativity and peace. The brain’s ability to keep the whole world inside itself, including past, present and future, is inspiring. The brain is an amazing, sophisticated instrument to realize the world we live in, interact with it, create ideas and search for our place in the universe.

About The Artist

Yuri and Katrin Shumakov, an award-winning artist duo, started their origami journey in France in 1989 and have since unfolded their art in a unique, unseen way. Authors of 30+ origami books & 1,000+ designs, they have created the amazing paper world ORILAND featuring incredible kingdoms and have displayed their works in many countries. Their recent exhibit, ORIGAMI CANADA LAND unites fantasy and reality in a whimsical artistic rendition of iconic Canadian sights. Visit oriland.com to see what origami can be!