Yasaman Mehrsa

Yasaman Mehrsa


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“I try to maintain a healthy dose of daydreaming to remain sane.” Florence Welch
Whether it's worrying or fantasizing, all of us daydream almost every day! Daydreams consist of little moments of yourself in the past, future and present. Negative daydreaming leads to anxiety, stress and depression, while positive daydreaming can improve your memory and allow you to be more creative and stay hopeful. This piece represents positive daydreaming and focuses on how we are the makers of our daydreams.

About The Artist

Yasaman Mehrsa is a Toronto-based visual artist. Born and raised in Tehran, Iran,

Mehrsa has been devoted to the arts and painting since she was five years old. She completed her studies with a Bachelor of Visual Communication and Graphic Design from Iran and later received her Bachelor with Honours in Visual Arts at Brock University. Her work conveys mysterious ideas – and strives to create outstanding work that is distinctive, engaging and above all, memorable. Mehrsa’s work is representative of the relationship between humans and nature. She believes that art can open our eyes to the intricacy and beauty of the natural world. She produces a fantasy world that encourages her audience to wonder and keeps them wanting to discover their imagination, emotion, interaction and relationship with the natural environment. Mehrsa conveys a story or invokes a certain emotion in each of her works because she believes that art is one of the purest forms of communication. Today, surrounded by personal painting and design projects, she is an active muralist, public artist and photographer in Ontario.