Tony Taylor

Tony Taylor


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Let’s Just See What Tomorrow Brings

Tony’s piece is about staying optimistic about advances in brain health and science. He uses a grizzly bear to represent Gord Downie as a symbol of courage – something Downie exuded, especially when facing his brain cancer diagnosis and continuing to tour and speak about issues close to his heart. Staying optimistic and being courageous in the face of adversity are just two of the virtues the artist learned from Downie and tries to practise daily. The autumn leaves are a metaphor for the cycles in life we go through, constantly changing both physically and spiritually.

About The Artist

Tony Taylor is an oil painter based in Toronto. After completing an MA in Painting at University of the Arts London in 2008, he further expanded on the body of work he started there into what could be described as an obsession to portray public figures as animals that more accurately portray them. Tony progressed from politicians and economists talking at World Economic Forum meetings, to the Royal Family, CEOs, and now focuses on inspirational musicians.