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Flowers on the Brain

Flowers on the Brain by artist T.M. Glass is a mixed media sculpture composed with plastic, photography, digital paint, watercolour paper, printer ink, and acrylic paint. The sculpture was created during COVID-19 isolation, a time when Glass observed that although the virus could cancel business, travel, concerts and museums, it could not cancel spring. Every day, all through spring and summer, as flowers blossomed in the artist's garden, they were photographed and printed. Some of these prints contributed flowers and leaves to the "Flowers on the Brain" sculpture. More about the artist can be seen at Galleries representing the artist's work include Galerie de Bellefeuille in Toronto and Montreal, Arden Gallery in Boston, and Masters Gallery in Calgary

About The Artist

T.M. Glass is a digital artist based in Toronto, whose practice explores historical, technological, and aesthetic aspects of photography, reaching beyond traditional definitions to celebrate the beauty of nature with advanced digital software technology and a cutting edge digital camera. Known as “lens-based digital painting’, the artist’s work has been showcased at multiple solo exhibitions and held in private collections in Canada, the United States, Britain, France, Italy, Australia and India. Glass turned to photography after majoring in sculpture at the Ontario College of Art and Design and pursuing a career in writing and production for film and television. The resulting works of art are limited edition archival pigment prints inspired by a muse: the artist’s grandmother whose garden was, to the artist, an earthly paradise. The flower imagery come from the artist’s own garden and historic gardens including Jardins de Métis in Quebec and Royal Lodge in England. The 19thcentury quest for beauty, quickened by a sense of approaching death is an ever-present inspiration for the artist as well. Cut flowers don’t live long, however the artist creates a way for their exquisite beauty to live on.