Sisters of the Woods

Sisters of the Woods

Sisters of the Woods



Geometric Memories

As humans, memories are one of our most sacred possessions allowing us the ability to connect, grow and evolve throughout life. The spiralling oceanic imagery in Geometric Memories is a symbol of our brains’ subconscious mind, and memory expressed visually. The sculpture was inspired by personal experiences living with post-concussion syndrome, and is in honour of everyone suffering from the devastating effects of head injury and memory loss.

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About The Artist

A change in perspective leads to a change in experience.

Melissa Amber [b. 1983] + River Lee [b. 1989] are contemporary fine art photographers from British Columbia. They are known for their depth of concept and philosophical undertones.

The women began their artistic collaboration known as “Sisters Of The Woods” in early 2015 while healing and overcoming life-altering concussions together using the curative power of nature and art.

Their subjects range from self-portrait conceptual works, each taking turns in front of and behind the lens, and pure creative abstractions of nature.

Editors of Dodho Photography Magazine describe their works as having “Originality, Creativity, Execution Excellence and Global Impact.” Their large chromalux metal works have won more than 18 international photography honours/awards and are being exhibited and collected in Canada and Europe.