Saul Montana

Saul Montana


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Chromatic Thoughts

The sculpture is composed of a structure of geometric lines interlaced with the shape of the human brain. In its interior are several multicoloured floating cubes showing the viewer a contrast between the lines of the structure, the different sizes of the cubes, and the combination of colours. Both the structure and the cubes are made of galvanized wire with acrylic paints.

About The Artist

Self-taught artist Saul Montana used to work as a lawyer in his country before he immigrated to Canada. Since then, he has decided to follow his love for art, working on making and exhibiting colourful metal wire kinetic sculptures. He has been using his skills and strengths as an artist in creating a unique style that has proven to appeal to various audiences. After a successful start, he decided to begin exhibiting his work through his company, MontanArts.