Sarah Skrlj

Sarah Skrlj


Inked Memories

Toronto artist Sarah Skrlj sought inspiration from the idea of tattoos and memories being intrinsically linked. The very act of a tattoo is having a distinct memory, moment, object or person with you forever.

Sadly, Alzheimer's and dementia inevitably cause memories to diminish and wither, but with tattoos, the potential is there for those memories to stay alive... even after the person's memory has faded.

About The Artist

Sarah Skrlj is a Toronto-based artist who specializes in intricate pen and ink designs. She implements various cultural influences into her work inspired by her world travels.
Skrlj is fascinated by the power and elegance of the black and white colour scheme; the majority of her work is monochromatic.

She is always ready to take on a challenge and eager to add detailed artwork to any blank surface. No object is too big and no task too small. Her projects range in size from intricate tattoo designs to expansive wall murals.